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Preview Photographs

Last week’s Preview was a great success with significant interest from the media, employers and investors alike.  We have added a few images from the day.





Media + Website Interest

We are delighted with the level of media interest that has spun out of the Preview held last week – with positive coverage from over 20 online business or lifestyle magazines to the end of March.

This includes Fast Company, Springwise, Treehugger and The Green Daily.  One interview from the Preview –

The online interest has led to an enormous surge in interest with over 20,000 new visitors to the website in the 6 days since the Preview.

We’ll keep you posted on any new and interesting articles as well as the forthcoming piece on WorkplaceTV.

OfficePOD Preview 25 March 2009 The Cumberland Hotel, London W1

OfficePOD at The Cumberland Hotel

Our design prototype is being previewed in Central London on the 25th March. The Preview is an invite only event with invitations having gone to some 200 senior individuals from both major private and public sector organisations as well as all of the relevant media organisations.

The Preview will run from 10am to 4pm in the newly refurbished foyer of The Cumberland Hotel, W1.

If your company has an interest in the OfficePOD service or you are from a relevant media publication, then please contact us by way of e-mail ( to receive an invitation.