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OfficePOD arrives in London

The OfficePOD can now be seen at 131-151 Great Titchfield Street, London W1 and we would be delighted to show you around. Please call Stephen Tanner on 07899 966685 to arrange a viewing.

Massive 63% Reduction in CO2 for OfficePOD Users

Our updated CO2 research shows a 63% reduction in CO2 emissions when moving to OfficePOD from a traditional office.

This dramatic reduction is achieved when moving from 5 days in an office (with associated commute) to 3 days in an OfficePOD and 2 days travelling to the central office for meetings.

In terms of the CO2 per annum created, 5.4 tonnes are created per user in a 5 day office and commute scenario compared to only 2.0 tonnes for the 3 day OfficePOD/2 day office and commute user.

The greatest areas of saving are generated in relation to the reduced commuting and power required for heating, lighting and cooling.

OEP Conference – 18th November – Barbican, London

OfficePOD will be both an exhibitor and sponsor at the Operational Efficiency Programme (OEP) conference at the Barbican in London on the 18th November.

The OEP is the UK Government’s initiative to cut costs across the Government Estate.  OfficePOD will be meeting with Heads of Estates from a number of different government organisations to demonstrate the scale of cost and CO2 savings that are achievable when integrating OfficePOD’s into the overall property portfolio.

Click here to see more about OfficePOD’s presence at the conference and for details of the conference itself.

UK Low Carbon Transition Plan – White Paper Release

The Government’s Energy White Paper, being published today, is likely to bring the UK one step closer to Smart Working initiatives becoming more mainstream. The UK Low Carbon Transition Plan White Paper will encourage consumers through a ‘feed in tariffs’ programme and as part of today’s announcement the Government will also be publishing a transport carbon-reduction strategy.

OfficePOD meets carbon reduction objectives, most obviously through commute costs being slashed for employers and employees. In addition, reducing the use of air conditioned offices is also a major contributor to the generated savings. We are constantly seeking dialogue with the Government as to how a consumer can be incentivised to install an OfficePOD in their home, or an employer to use the OfficePOD, as part of smart working initiatives.

Watch this space.

Advanced Working Practices

Advanced working practices can reduce an organisation’s office space by up to 30%.  BUT ingrained attitudes and a fear of the unknown ensure that these opportunities often remain unlocked.

Read the article by Advanced Workplace Associates and learn more about how these savings can be unlocked and understand more about the benefits – Advanced Working Practices.

The Word On The Street Workplace TV

Work Place TV

One of Workplace TV’s new clips is a series of short interviews with a number of ‘people on the street’ where they are asked to talk about their own home working experiences.

Workplace TV is quickly becoming the go-to place for recorded insights, knowledge, trends and guidance around how modern employers and their staff use the workplace. This short edited film gives an insight into the employees view.

‘Smartworking’ Trend Report on New Ways of Working

Tony Hancock in Office

JBA has drawn together a report on ‘Smartworking’ – a term aimed at encapsulating today’s new working practices and philosophies. JBA’s report looks at the driving forces of cultural and organisational change and clearly frames how quickly viewpoints are changing.

The report provides a ‘roots-to-future’ story of shifting attitudes to work, and to provide perspective on;

  • office demands,
  • workstyle considerations,
  • what’s required to retool management practices,
  • the importance of values and trust,
  • ecologically sustainable and socially just issues,
  • the impact on the corporate agenda, and
  • what the future might hold.

View a copy of the report here