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Advanced Working Practices

Advanced working practices can reduce an organisation’s office space by up to 30%.  BUT ingrained attitudes and a fear of the unknown ensure that these opportunities often remain unlocked.

Read the article by Advanced Workplace Associates and learn more about how these savings can be unlocked and understand more about the benefits – Advanced Working Practices.

Financial Times – OfficePOD Coverage

We got some positive coverage from the Trendspotter section of The Financial Times on May 23rd.

‘OfficePOD is marketing to companies with staff who could work from home, offering a service that will supply, install and maintain an office capsule.  It calculates the average saving from basing a worker at home rather than in central London could be more than £9,000 per year, excluding commuting costs’.

Grand Designs Live – A Great Success

Kevin McCloud

Our invitation to form a central part of Grand Designs Live proved a great success.  As well as the 120,000 members of the public that visited the exhibition, it gave several interested companies the opportunity to come and look at the POD whilst it was on show.

The concept, materials used and quality of the POD were described as ‘outstanding’ by Kevin McCloud and the POD received a wide and comprehensive range of media attention.  It acted as the live radio interview room throughout the period and also featured in Reuters’ online coverage of the event.

Kevin McCloud

One interesting outcome from our consumer market testing at the show is that we are now selling POD’s to small home-based businesses and individuals.  This is in addition to our core offering of the flexible leasing and service agreement model preferred by larger organisations.