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OfficePOD Preview 25 March 2009 The Cumberland Hotel, London W1

OfficePOD at The Cumberland Hotel

Our design prototype is being previewed in Central London on the 25th March. The Preview is an invite only event with invitations having gone to some 200 senior individuals from both major private and public sector organisations as well as all of the relevant media organisations.

The Preview will run from 10am to 4pm in the newly refurbished foyer of The Cumberland Hotel, W1.

If your company has an interest in the OfficePOD service or you are from a relevant media publication, then please contact us by way of e-mail ( to receive an invitation.

The Word On The Street Workplace TV

Work Place TV

One of Workplace TV’s new clips is a series of short interviews with a number of ‘people on the street’ where they are asked to talk about their own home working experiences.

Workplace TV is quickly becoming the go-to place for recorded insights, knowledge, trends and guidance around how modern employers and their staff use the workplace. This short edited film gives an insight into the employees view.

‘Smartworking’ Trend Report on New Ways of Working

Tony Hancock in Office

JBA has drawn together a report on ‘Smartworking’ – a term aimed at encapsulating today’s new working practices and philosophies. JBA’s report looks at the driving forces of cultural and organisational change and clearly frames how quickly viewpoints are changing.

The report provides a ‘roots-to-future’ story of shifting attitudes to work, and to provide perspective on;

  • office demands,
  • workstyle considerations,
  • what’s required to retool management practices,
  • the importance of values and trust,
  • ecologically sustainable and socially just issues,
  • the impact on the corporate agenda, and
  • what the future might hold.

View a copy of the report here