OfficePOD continue to innovate in the education sector

Creating small but crucial  accommodation in difficult to use areas, we can help bring  choice back into planning activities.

Installed over a weekend, we are also able to create essential facilities during term time and with the minimum of fuss.

“The lack of space was creating real issues for the Institute and the lightwell was really the only space left. It’s an amazing space.”

Chris Colnaghi, IT and Facilities Manager, Sotheby’s Institute of Art.

“We no longer have to endlessly shuffle the timetable around.  Our pupils and staff find it a fun, peaceful space in which to learn and work.”

Mrs Sarah Gillam, Head Teacher, Maple Walk School.

Latest addition to the OfficePOD family

This AV facility was created for Google and was commissioned, designed and installed in under 4 weeks. Located in a busy reception area, it provides a valuable business resource and makes best use of difficult space.

Hospital installation is a success

We are delighted to present the first pictures of the ‘02.1’ POD that was recently installed at the Whittington Hospital, London.

The hospital is typical of the many organisations that find themselves under intense pressure to make the best possible use of their resources, including their real estate. And of course, ensuring that patients and staff are provided with a wide range of suitable accommodation is a key objective.

In this instance, OfficePOD were asked to create a consultation room from which the hospital benefits in two ways; firstly, this important facility occupies otherwise difficult space in an atrium setting and, secondly, it frees up a room elsewhere for clinical use.



Contact Stephen Tanner via or call 0845 680 9690 to find out how we can make better use of your space.

OfficePOD arrives in London

The OfficePOD can now be seen at 131-151 Great Titchfield Street, London W1 and we would be delighted to show you around. Please call Stephen Tanner on 07899 966685 to arrange a viewing.

What would you do with your OfficePOD?

Competition Polaroids

Enter to win a MacBook Pro or a weekend away in Geneva – includes flights, hotel and spending money.

Selected entries of brilliance will be showcased on our website – and a winner will be chosen from this online collection by a group of industry design and architectural professionals.

The competition has now closed and entries will no longer be accepted. Results will be announced shortly.

Massive 63% Reduction in CO2 for OfficePOD Users

Our updated CO2 research shows a 63% reduction in CO2 emissions when moving to OfficePOD from a traditional office.

This dramatic reduction is achieved when moving from 5 days in an office (with associated commute) to 3 days in an OfficePOD and 2 days travelling to the central office for meetings.

In terms of the CO2 per annum created, 5.4 tonnes are created per user in a 5 day office and commute scenario compared to only 2.0 tonnes for the 3 day OfficePOD/2 day office and commute user.

The greatest areas of saving are generated in relation to the reduced commuting and power required for heating, lighting and cooling.

OEP Conference – 18th November – Barbican, London

OfficePOD will be both an exhibitor and sponsor at the Operational Efficiency Programme (OEP) conference at the Barbican in London on the 18th November.

The OEP is the UK Government’s initiative to cut costs across the Government Estate.  OfficePOD will be meeting with Heads of Estates from a number of different government organisations to demonstrate the scale of cost and CO2 savings that are achievable when integrating OfficePOD’s into the overall property portfolio.

Click here to see more about OfficePOD’s presence at the conference and for details of the conference itself.

The whole new meaning of ‘home working’

Working from home is becoming increasingly popular for large corporations and smaller businesses alike. Even the Financial Times is writing about it. Recession, greener thinking and the challenges surrounding modern parents and portfolio careers are seeing an exponential rise in the number of people adopting smarter working practice, such as working from home.

There is an increasing consumer awareness that has moved the idea of home working away from telemarketing and service-based industries towards a new movement of dynamic professionals who are now adopting the practice.

The reality of this movement is seen here at OfficePOD through the amount of interest our product has generated and the potential partnership base we have available to work with; to the point where ‘home working’ finally no longer has the stigma attached to it that it once used to of being the next step up from unemployment.

The changing nature of the holiday

Recession has bought one question to mind here as the holiday season starts – does it bring more frivolity or less?

Last year few of us on our August breaks anticipated what we were about to experience in terms of economic turbulence for the ensuing 12 months. This year there is hopefully less of a smokescreen against the Autumn and for many white collar professionals it is more about taking some invaluable time out to reflect on careers and values which have been turned upside down over the last year.

In a boom there is a large opportunity-cost in taking a holiday compared to taking a break in a recession. This year many will be happier to walk away for August and take time out compared to other years. However, we believe less people will be taking time out completely but having more of a longer ‘working break’.

As an increasing number of entrepreneurs are now popping up as a result of the recession, it means many are likely to be working from home over the August period as opposed to taking a shorter but more complete break. Compared to other years workers will be less likely to put down their tools altogether. OfficePOD’s garden office solution provides the ability to easily work from home over the summer break; with an escape from the main living space without commuting altogether and where downtime from work can be spent in your own garden rather than on a park bench or at the desk.

In recession it makes sense to take longer breaks with friends and family, shutting the head office but keeping the machine running. Technology permits that the offices of SMEs can be run virtually from almost anywhere. Working from home over August means that participation in leisure time over the holiday period is ever possible and commute time is eliminated. So if it is done efficiently, there is no reason why August cannot become a more flexible month with shorter working hours.

Increasingly large British firms, like KPMG for example, are embracing flexible working, showing they are keen to retain talent and allowing more of their workers to operate from home. Management are becoming more innovative to keep hold of employees. This means that the traditional two to three week holiday in August might not prevail but will start to take on different variations, including working from home.

UK Low Carbon Transition Plan – White Paper Release

The Government’s Energy White Paper, being published today, is likely to bring the UK one step closer to Smart Working initiatives becoming more mainstream. The UK Low Carbon Transition Plan White Paper will encourage consumers through a ‘feed in tariffs’ programme and as part of today’s announcement the Government will also be publishing a transport carbon-reduction strategy.

OfficePOD meets carbon reduction objectives, most obviously through commute costs being slashed for employers and employees. In addition, reducing the use of air conditioned offices is also a major contributor to the generated savings. We are constantly seeking dialogue with the Government as to how a consumer can be incentivised to install an OfficePOD in their home, or an employer to use the OfficePOD, as part of smart working initiatives.

Watch this space.