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OfficePOD has the power to release your company from its traditional operating constraints. The unique combination of weather tested design, its delivery in component form and clean/fuss-free build process offer unrivalled speed and flexibility in the implementation of your business strategy.

Whether it is introducing greater flexibility into the business, implementing a work-at-home policy or being able to get closer to your customers by creating a presence in 'public' settings, OfficePOD can facilitate unrivalled opportunities for business growth and dynamism.

As the demands of your business change, we will work closely with you and your design team to create the working environment that is needed and to ensure that design, cost and programming targets are met.


Creating bespoke and sometimes specialist working environments such as edit suites, control rooms, consultation rooms and other quiet work places, whilst still retaining the POD's ability to be dismantled and relocated, ensures that you will be investing in an asset that will enhance the business for years to come.

However, creating these environments is not restricted to the office; they can be located at employees' homes where commuting to a central place of work isn't necessary all the time.

Furthermore, the ability to brand the PODs could be essential if the PODs are to be used in a 'public' setting such as reception areas, visitor centres or even the high street. In such cases a solution that has the required visual impact is essential.

Bigger is better...

The larger PODs not only offer more space but also greater flexibility in the way they are fitted out.

And with a wider range of possible sizes and internal configuration, so we can assist across a wider spectrum of uses and applications.

Please contact us via email or call us on 0845 680 9690 to discuss you specific requirements and find out how we can help you meet your business objectives.




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